The following ritual for the Autumn Equinox can be done at home. I created this ritual initially for an in-person gathering that was going to happen with the Sydney Druids Down Under group, but due to the need for physical distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic, we cancelled that event. Instead we met online to record the meditation for the ritual we had planned.

Below, is a ritual that you can do in your home. Many of us will be doing it today, together, but separately. I hope that you’ll join us and share your experiences in the Druids Down Under Facebook group. Feel free to adjust the ritual as you would like to. This is just a suggestion, but it’s how we would have done the ritual if we had met in person here in Sydney.

Set up:

Altar space in the center with items to represent Land, Sea and Sky. Eg. A stone for Land, a bowl of water for Sea, and a feather for Sky.
Other items that symbolise this time of year for you can also be on the altar.
A comfortable chair, pillow, blanket, or place to lie down for the meditation.
Prepare yourself how you like, perhaps a shower or herbal bath, put on some comfortable or special clothing, set up your space and then take some time to ground and center before you begin.


Begin in the West, walk to the East and silently give thanks to the sunrise, the place of beginnings, to inspiration and any ancestors/deities you associate with this. eg. Brigid.

Find a place to stand in the circle.

Acknowledgement of country: I acknowledge the [Aboriginal people/people of the_____ nation] as the traditional custodians of this land. I recognise that this land was never ceded. I recognise their deep and continuing connection to the land, and pay my respects to their ancestors, past, present and emerging.

Prayer for Peace:

Deep, within the still center of my being, may I find peace
Silently, within the quiet of the grove, may I share peace
Gently, within the greater circle of human kind, may I radiate peace.

Call for peace:

May there be peace in the East
May there be peace in the North
May there be peace in the West
May there be peace in the South
May there be peace throughout the whole world.

Welcome to the Spirits of Land, Sea and Sky:

I welcome the spirits of the Land; spirits of the earth beneath me; of the stones, soil, sand, of the headlands, hills and plains; of the trees and plants of the forest, and of the creatures that live on the land. I honour the Land as the element of calas, physicality, solidity, strength, knowledge and presence, and ask that for the blessing of the spirits of Land on this ritual. Hail and welcome. 

I welcome the spirits of the Sea; spirits of the sacred waters; of the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls; of the creatures and plants of the waterways. I honour the Sea as the element of gwyar, flow, creativity, emotion, gentle change, love and compassion, and ask for the blessings of the spirits of Sea on this ritual. Hail and welcome. 

I welcome the spirits of the Sky; spirits of the sun, moon and stars; of the winds and weather; of the creatures that live their lives on the wing. I honour the Sky as the element of nwyfre, life-force, ideas, communication, intellect, and transformation, and ask for the blessings of the spirits of Sky on this ritual. Hail and welcome. 

Welcome to the Three Ancestors:

Meditate for a moment on ancestors of your bloodline, inspiration and the land who have been a positive influence to you. This is who we welcome into our ritual:

I welcome the ancestors of my bloodline, stretching back through time; the line of ancestors from whom I have received my body and my life force; my innate strengths and abilities, and stories that can be recognised, and either honoured, released or healed within me.
I welcome the ancestors of my inspiration; of my traditions and interests; those who have shown me truth and helped me to understand the world with wisdom and knowledge. I honour my teachers and the lines of wisdom that have been passed down through them to me.
I welcome the ancestors of the land in which I stand; the many people who have walked this place, from the first peoples to those who walk here today, each making way for me to be here today. 
Hail and welcome. 

Chant “Awen” three times as a way of inviting in inspiration, insight and wisdom.


Find a comfortable position for the meditation, and play this audio track:
Take some time to contemplate your experience by either journalling, or sharing either with a loved one, or on the Druids Down Under Facebook group.


I give thanks to the ancestors, for their support and guidance. Hail and farewell.

I give thanks to the spirits of Land, Sea and Sky, for their blessings and presence. Hail and farewell. 

Take three breaths – one with the Land beneath you, one with the Sky above you, and one with the Seas around you.

Disclaimer: if anything from this meditation or ritual causes you distress, do reach out. Either in the Druids Down Under group, with a friend or loved one, or to a service such as Lifeline 131114, or Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.