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Australian Druidry: Connecting with the sacred landscape is a book I’ve written for those following a path of Druidry and other nature spiritualities in the Australian landscape. I look at some of the difficulties we face in following nature-based traditions that were created in lands vastly different to those we live in. Australia is a large and diverse continent. If we are to consider Druidry, or any other nature-based path here, we need to consider this complexity and the need to explore the unique nature of our local environments.

In the book I share with you some stories and experiences I’ve had in creating a local seasonal Wheel of the Year for coastal Sydney and offer you tools to create a Wheel of the Year for your own local area. I also discus the importance of our native animals and plants for magickal symbolism and explain how you can use oracle walking and creating your own native ogham or tree oracle to better connect with your environment. I also go into some different ways we can approach honouring the ancestors and creating seasonal rituals that help us to connect with the spirits of each place we celebrate in. This is a journey we are all on together – exploring the many varied environments of this continent and listening to the stories it has to tell us through its seasons, animals and plants. Through listening we can also feel inspired to bring our own personal form of art into the world. The songs need to be heard and sung too. The journey into the sacred landscape is about both, helping us all to feel a deep connection with this land.

Here are some endorsements I’ve received about the book:

This is a clearly written and creative guide to the practice of Druidry in the southern hemisphere.  For those wakeful to their European ancestry or inspired to explore its teachings, the book encourages a sensitive relationship with the antipodean landscape, its climate and ecology, celebrating its uniqueness, while not intruding upon the native traditions. ~ Emma Restall-Orr

Julie Brett’s introduction to Australian Druidry is filled with information and inspiration for anyone who wants to connect with the sacred landscape of Australia. Drawing on her years of practical study into the plants, animals and seasons of the Great Southern Land, she outlines the nature festivals she has identified and the rituals she performs, while also teaching readers how to create their own connection and their own ceremonies based on their unique location. Julie’s form of Druidry is one of gratitude, contemplation and deep intuition and connection, and she shares her wisdom and experiences not to tell others how they should practice, but to encourage them to weave their own personal spiritual path. It includes many great references too, but also inspires you to find your own meanings and connect to nature in your own way. A wonderful resource for all Australians, and anyone interested in southern hemisphere magic…   ~Serene Conneeley 

It’s a fantastic piece of work and I think of interest to Druids beyond Australia’s shores, this is a map for creating Druidry that is rooted in your own particular soil, wherever that soil is. Nimue Brown

 Julie Brett’s Australian Druidry is a wonderfully practical and thoughtful approach to Australian Druidry.  I love reading Julie Brett’s work.  It draws me into new ways of understanding and practicing my relationship with the other-than-human world. This book is the most recent in a long tradition of excellent books by Australian Pagans that creatively explore the Wheel of the Year and other aspects of being Pagan in the Southern Hemisphere.  Each one has taken Australian Pagans a step further along the road, and Julie Brett’s book is an important contribution to that journey.  Douglas Ezzy, author of Practising the Witch’s Craft and Sex, Death and Witchcraft.

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You can purchase Australian Druidry now either via my jewelry website or from online book suppliers and your favorite local bookstore.

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