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I am an Amazon Australia Affiliate which means I receive a small commission when you purchase items on Amazon through a link I provide. I choose what I promote and they are all products I love and hope you will love too. Below are some categories of items I hope you will enjoy using. If you purchase by clicking on the image which is a link to the Amazon page, I’d be really grateful and it will help me to spend more time on creating more blogs, podcasts and books for you as well.


Australian Druidry: Connecting with the Sacred Landscape – By Julie Brett

This book is by me! My first book, published in 2017. It is about Druidry, a nature spirituality inspired by what we know of the ancient Celtic Druids, adapted to the Australian landscape with its unique flora, fauna, seasons, lands, and history.

Belonging to the Earth: Nature Spirituality in a Changing World – By Julie Brett

Also by me! My second book, published in 2022, with contributions from Jo Clancy, Kristoffer Hughes, David King, Bruce and Patricia Shillingsworth, and Peter Williams. It discusses the ways that people in nature-based spiritual communities are responding to the climate crisis and other environmental issues of our time. It is a combination of interviews with First Nations people, and stories of experiences, rituals, meditations and observations.

The Path of Druidry: Walking the Ancient Green Way – By Penny Billington

A beautiful book that I’m exploring with a tiny journal for my notes. You might see this on my TikTok or Facebook accounts. It is the focus book for the 2023 OBOD Book Café on Facebook too. A beautiful contemplative piece.

Living Druidry: Magical Spirituality for the Wild Soul – by Emma Restall Orr

This was the first book I read in the subject of Druidry and it is still my favourite. Emma’s way of blending incredibly personal storytelling with practical information and thoughtful philosophy is a such a pleasure to read. Every page will have you yearning for deeper connection with the world around you. It took me a long time to read as every page seemed to call me back out into the wild. Such a beautiful book.

Animal Dreaming: The Symbolic and Spiritual Language of the Australian Animals – by Scott Alexander King

I was so pleased to find this book and its related oracle card deck. Scott has delved into the symbolism of so many of our animals, including many many native animals and some familiar introduced species. He has a deep understanding of symbolism and reading it can help you to find more confidence in your own symbolic interpretations. This is an excellent help to those interested in augury (divination by animal observation), working with spirit animal guides, or interpreting dreams and meditative journeys where animals have appeared. A really important book for any Australian Druid.

Australian Wildflower Reading Cards – by Cheralyn Darcey

A set of reading cards that can be used for divination, learning plant symbolism, altar decoration or meditative contemplation. Cheralyn’s beautiful art of Australian wildflowers is accompanied by a book that explains the symbolism of the flowers. A great resource for Australian Druids wanting to learn more about Australian wildflowers and their symbolic meanings.

Journaling Supplies

These books have various images that can be used in journaling. See my blog about my Book of Shadows to learn how they can be used and to see some ways that I have used them.

JOYCHOIC Vintage Journal Supplies – Green

This pack is so beautiful! it includes a journal, papers, labels, stickers, tapes and word sheets. See my TikTok video of it to see the unpacking.

Vintage Journal Supplies Pack

A beautiful pack of small pieces. Paper, stickers, whimsical text, stamps, and labels. I love these for a smaller nature journal or notebook.

Book of Shadows Junk Journal Kit and Ephemera

A beautiful collection of images, textures and labels that can be used for journaling, Book of Shadows, Grimoires etc.

Forest Fairy Junk Journal Kit

A beautiful collection of images, textures and labels that can be used for journaling, Book of Shadows, Grimoires etc.

Enchanted Fairy Junk Journal Pages

A beautiful collection of images, textures and labels that can be used for journaling, Book of Shadows, Grimoires etc.

Stationery and Art Supplies

Koi Water Colours

I love this little paint set. The paints are great colours and it has lots of space to mix your colours. It is great for journaling of all kinds and a good size for taking it out on bushwalks for nature journaling.

Posca Pends in black and white

These are such a must have for my art. I love that they are waterproof and the paint finish is really great. I use it in journaling, canvas art, and decorating skin drums. Fantastic product.

Uniball Black Waterproof Ballpoint Pens

These are so great. Being waterproof they don’t bleed if you get the ink wet so they can be used under or over watercolour painting in journals and painted sketches. Really handy to have as you can choose to either sketch first and then paint, or visa versa.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Waxed Polyester Cord 1mm

Available in many different colours. This cord is great for jewelry making, micro macramé and many other kinds of craft projects. I adore working with it for my jewelry at http://www.foreststpiritjewelry.com
I have been sharing some tutorials on how to make jewelry and if you’d like to make some too, this is the product you need.

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