Julie Brett

Author – Australian Druidry – Artist


Julie Brett is the author of the book Pagan Portals – Australian Druidry. She is passionate about reawakening the magic of the Australian landscape for all Australians. She is also passionate about Druidry and creating new forms of it that recognize the integral aspects of both ancestor-based tradition and nature-based tradition, bringing these together to create a form of Druidry that is truly Australian.

In 2007 she founded Druids Down Undjulie-brett-bio-smaller, a networking group which helps bring together the many different forms of Druidry in Australia. Through this group people can find others to work with, but importantly it has been an essential hub for the discussion of what it means to practice Druidry in an Australian landscape, with its unique flora and fauna, diverse climates and seasons, and long history of Indigenous presence.

Through Druids Down Under Julie has run public seasonal rituals in Sydney since 2008, where these ideas could be put into action. Julie also has a presence in the wider Pagan community and has also spoken about Australian Druidry at many Pagan events around Australia including the Australian Wiccan Conference, The Festival of the Minds, and other events.

In 2011 Julie completed a BA in Studies in Religion from Sydney University. She creates crystal jewellery with spiritual intentions through her business Forest Spirit Jewelry. Julie also runs a podcast called “Forest Spirituality with Julie Brett”, available through iTunes and Podbean.