Julie Brett

Author – Australian Druidry – Artist

Forest Spirit Jewelry

Another part of what I like to share with the world is my art. I make spiritual and magickal amulets inspired by nature. I make pieces based on my own journey and stories I’d like to share such as ideas in Druidry or connecting with the land or Awen, or I might make pieces based on ideas I’ve come across in books or other teaching that have inspired me. I also make a lot of custom pieces for people with specific ideas about what they’d like to bring into their lives. I love creating pieces like this, and if you’d like one, please contact me to find out about having something made. My website is www.forestspiritjewelry.com and you can also find me on Facebook where I do a lot of online markets to release new pieces on my page Forest Spirit Jewelry.
Each piece is handcrafted using semi-precious gemstones, apoxie clay and sometimes a few metal charms. Each piece is unique with a special story or intention to go with it, making each time you put it on an affirmation of what you would like to bring into your life. Follow the links to see more. You can also follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to in the art studio.

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