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Wheel of the Year Circles

Dates for 2022:

Saturday January 29th 2:30pm
Saturday March 19th 2:30pm
Saturday April 30th 2:30pm
Saturday June 25th 1:30pm
Saturday July 30th 1:30pm

Dates and times subject to change. Get in contact to make sure you have the right info closer to the event.
The event will include a ritual for the season helping us all to connect with the seasonal changes and find alignment within ourselves with what is happening in nature. We will begin with a discussion on the season and create a ritual plan together.

IN PERSON (When restrictions allow):

The Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens
10-12 Victoria St
Katoomba, NSW 2780

We will meet at the sheds near the garden entrance and make our way down to the stone circle together after saying hello and going over the plans for the ritual. The circle has been laid out with eight stones representing the compass directions and the nature based festivals of the Wheel of the Year and part of the ritual will include a blessing for the stone which represents the season. Please bring along a Bardic offering of a song, story, poem or quote to share that relates to the season. After the ritual we can have a picnic together.
Please bring:
– weather appropriate clothing
– some food for yourself or to share if COVID safe
– water bottle
This is a COVID safe event. Maximum attendance numbers may apply in accordance with current rules for NSW.

Please contact us to confirm your place:
Text to Julie: 0433051137
Email: thebluemountainsseedgroup@gmail.com

ONLINE – we take the circle online in the case of Covid restrictions or lockdown.

Via Zoom. Please email Julie for details here

If we are meeting online we will begin with a discussion about the season and creation of a short ritual together. We will then do the ritual which will lead us into a Bardic circle. This is an opportunity for us all to share our inspiration of the season, so please bring along something to share, perhaps a poem or quote that you like, a song or a story. If it’s one you have created all the better but you can bring along something by a favourite author or songwriter if you prefer. Please consider how what you choose relates to the season and to Druidry, so that it can be a celebration of the season we share together. 
Please contact Julie for the Zoom room link before the event date. Either contact here or email thebluemountainsseedgroup@gmail.com. 


You can also find events on Facebook via the Friends of the Blue Mountains Seed Group here

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