Julie Brett

Author – Australian Druidry – Artist

Belonging to the Earth

Belonging to the Earth: Nature Spirituality in a Changing World

by Julie Brett, with contributions from Jo Clancy, Kristoffer Hughes, David King, Bruce and Patricia Shillingsworth, and Peter Williams.

“Belonging to the Earth is a collection of personal insights, stories of journeys and rituals, community events and conversations between activists, First Nations community leaders, and those practicing nature spirituality. Each part of the book offers thoughtful and personal perspectives about connecting with the land, paying respect to ancestral traditions, Indigenous cultures, and First Nations poeple, and finding ways to practice nature spirituality with integrity. Each part of the journey of the book explores how we can all come together to work for a better future and develop a greater understanding of how we belong to the Earth.”

This book was written after spending the last few years exploring how environmental concerns found their way into my Druidry practice. The journey led me to learn from First Nations communities and culture and how important that is to all of us understanding how to care for the Earth. It also led me to learn how ritual can be used to process grief and loss, helping us find solidarity together, bringing strength to fight for what we love. Challenges of fires, flood and pandemic shifted the way I practiced and created new forms of connection in my experience. And I learned how incredibly important song, story, dance and music are to all of us and our connection with the Earth. I have tried not to explain too much myself, but instead have included interviews so that those whose voices have been so important to my learning could speak to you too. I have included a little explanation on some important points, but for the most part the book is written in a storytelling or conversational style, in an attempt to bring you into the experience with me.

It’s a personal story. This has been my own journey of learning. But I hope it is also an introduction to you to what you can seek out for yourself in ritual, in contemplation, and in nurturing connections with community.

Signed copies of Belonging to the Earth can be purchased directly from Julie via www.forestspiritjewelry.com Each copy also includes three art postcards and a bookmark.

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